Small Contracts Award (DIR,CQS,INDV,SSS)

Country: Tanzania (United Republic of)
Language: EN
Number: 2552152
Publication date: 14-06-2017
Source: The World Bank


Project: P125728 - TZ-SAGCOT Investment Project | Country: Tanzania | Team Leader: Simons, Sarah Anne | Product Line:
General Information
Bid Description Small Contracts Award (DIR,CQS,INDV,SSS)
Notice Type Contract Award
Borrower Bid Reference Small Contracts Award (DIR,CQS,INDV,SSS)
Language of Notice English
Small Assignment Contract Award

Project: P125728-Southern Agricultural GrowthCo rridor of Tanzania Investment Project
Loan/Credit/TF Info: IDA-57760
Bid/Contract Reference No:TZ-CTF-14385-C S-CDS
Procurement Method: CDS-Direct Selection
Scope of Contract: Executive Secre tary for SAGCOT CTF
Notice Version No: 1

Contract Signatur e Date
Duration of Contract

3 Year(s)
Awarded Firm/Individual:JOHN JOEL KYARUZI
P. O. Box 1077 Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Country: Tanzania